Test Solutions

KUASOFT aims to provide a complete package of solutions for its customers' testing needs under a single roof. It produces solutions by integrating multidisciplinary engineering processes to meet this objective.

Kuasoft provides an independent software verification and validation service beginning from requirements analysis phase to the end of acceptance tests of the project. Integrates itselves to your development team as a test team. Kuasoft guarantees an efficient testing phase with twelve years of proven knowledge in software industry tests.


Our main purpose is to integrate with our customers’ software development team as an independent test team.


Our test process starts with requirements analysis, testing resource, effort estimation and planning phase.Then after continues with test design. After design process, move to the test case development phase. At last, tests are executed and results are reported to our customers.If needed, Kuasoft also develops independent test software for testing purposes by extensive software development experience around ten years.


  • Early error detection
  • Ensures quality for management easily
  • Increase probability of success
  • Reduce errors

What We Do

  • Test Planning
  • Independent Reviews
  • Test Case Development
  • Unit Tests
  • Interface Tests

Types of Tests

  • Functional Tests
  • Performance Tests
  • Acceptance Tests
  • Exploratory Tests
  • Regression Tests

Decrease in Cost of Quality (COQ)?

We guarantee for the decrease in Total Cost of Quality (CoQ). “CoQ consists of those costs which would disappear if our products and processes were perfect” Juran, 1988