Software Solutions

Meeting your custom requirements when COTS Software falls short.

KUASOFT offers solutions in the field of defense industry by using its software development experience of more than 20 years. Specializing in interface communication and simulators, KUASOFT has carried out successful projects in this field with many leading companies in the defense industry. Having completed numerous different software development projects running on various platforms, KUASOFT continues to invest in this field to achieve even more in the future.


KUASOFT doesn’t just think about how to get your software project built, we also plan how the project will be measured, tested, and deployed. We have the ability to do as little or as much as your team needs – from providing additional software development resources to managing the entire process. However we work with you, we will be part of your team during the entire software development lifecycle — from requirements to maintenance. We provide custom test software development services to meet the requirements of your test environment when out of the box test software packages no longer meets your needs. When your test environment needs a software module to supply various types of data over various known or custom protocols under custom test scenarios, we can provide you a custom test software solution in the light of your requirements. Our team's knowledge and skillset on different protocols have been gained on many projects that were successfully delivered to our customers in Aerospace & Defense Sector like ASELSAN and HAVELSAN. With years of experience in in Aerospace & Defense Sector, we are aware of the customer needs and software development methodologies required. We have been involved in many custom software development projects for the leading companies in Turkish in Aerospace & Defense Sector like ASELSAN and HAVELSAN. KUASOFT software team dedicated to the custom software projects carries out project development services in accordance with well-known, proven application lifecycle models or the lifecycle model asked for by our customers.