Embedded System Solutions

We offer you our experince, for your real time, time critical and safety standard requirements.

Embedded System means, software with a specific task running on some hardware. Today’s embedded systems development ranges from microprocessor-based control systems, to System-on-Chip (SoC) design, and device software development. Many implementations can be found in almost all consumer electronics, medical devices, and energy, automotive and military applications.

As KUASOFT, we develop reliable, quality focused and cost effective embedded system solutions for our customers with the help of our deep know-how and experience on defense & aerospace industries. Our expertise is mainly on military systems, which gives us the ability to work with higher standards compared to other industries, work with strict and short project schedules and last-minute updated customer requirements.

Miniature System Emulator

Portable systems are needed to meet the test and simulation needs on ship, aircraft and train platforms. KUASOFT offers solutions to these needs by designing and producing test and simulation systems. Thanks to these systems, which are designed to withstand harsh climatic conditions and impacts, sea, desert, etc. Test and simulation studies can be carried out without any problems kinds of these environments.


KUASOFT, designs electronic units with the help of deep knowledge on PCB Design, Embedded Software Development, Mechanical Design, Cabling and Test. Units are compatible with military standards.